Places to eat in Zurich, Switzerland


Places to eat: Caduff wine loft

Best Place to eat in Zurich

There are quite a number of places that one can be able to go and eat when they are in the city. There are roadside kiosks as well as small outlets in the city. However there are some restraints that are available and will sell the local foods as well as the international cuisines.

If you are looking for seasonal cuisine, try and visit these restaurants

Anthony’s kitchen

It is one of the best restaurant in the city and lots of people come to eat here on a dally basis. They are known to prepare foods in the Asian style and they have lots of discounts during certain days of the months.


Caduffs wine loft

This is also a renowned restaurant and it has close to over 200 different types of wines form all over the world. They have a daily menu and they sell different types of cuisines form all over the world. You can also be able to sample some of the different types of wines that are available.


If you love the Mediterranean cuisine, you will have to go to the following restaurants:


It is located in one of the up market places of the city and the food here is regarded to be very expensive but it is worth it. It has a wide selection of pasta dishes and it is a casual restaurant meaning you do not have to book for an appointment. It is a nice place where you will just need to sit and relax as you enjoy the outside views.



This is a small restaurant and it is very popular with the locals. The prices are quite reasonable and the menu keeps on changing on a daily basis. They have good dessert and a wide selection of wine.


If you love Swiss cuisine, you will need to visit one of the following restaurants


It is located close to the shopping malls making it very easy to access. It specializes in the Swiss sausages and other traditional foods form Switzerland and Europe. The price is reasonable and is a good place to interact with the locals.


Zur Oepfelchammer

This restaurant is known to have an assortment of wines as well as the best food form Switzerland. The prices are very accommodating and they change their menu regularly.


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